laughter yoga for different groups

Laughter Yoga is soooo good for your mental and physcial wellbeing…

A picture showing the general benefits of Laughter Yoga

laughter yoga benefits for businesses

  • Stress management – emotional, mental & physical
  • Team building and relationships – breaks hierarchies, brings positive attitudes, hope and optimism.
  • Increases motivation and enhances communication skills.
  • Enhances creativity and generates new ideas and insights.
  • Morale is increased and therefore so is customer service.
  • Less illnesses and absenteeism.

laughter yoga benefits for schools and students

  • Develops emotional intelligence
  • More focus and increased academic performance.
  • Builds physical stamina and develops self-confidence.
  • Enhances creativity.
  • Less illness and absenteeism.
  • Mental attitudes and communication is improved.

laughter yoga benefits for seniors

  • Helps with retirement blues and declining cognitive abilities.
  • Promotes physical health.
  • Assists the issue of insomnia.
  • Supports good mental health.
  • Creates connection and reduces loneliness.

book a laughter yoga session
for your group

If you’d like me to come and run a Laughter Yoga session for your business, scholl, retirement home or any group…

The cost is $10 per person for a session with a minimum of $140 and you can choose a 30, 45 or 60 minute session; plus travelling cost/km based on IRD rates; plus an additional cost if run in the evening or weekend.

Contact me and we can work out the details.

A Purple Smiley Face symbolising Laughter Yoga with Clare

When you’ve experienced the benefits of Laughter Yoga for yourself or for some of your group…let’s talk about me running a regular Laughter Yoga session for you or someone from your group can do the Laughter Yoga Leader Training and then they can run the regular sessions.

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