laughter yoga testimonials

I’ve had the great pleasure of introducing people to Laughter Yoga. Below are some of the honest comments and feedback that I’ve received. Get in touch with me if you want me to introduce your group to Laughter Yoga.

Great fun and laughter for those who attend a session like this.

Good confidence builder among a quiet group.

Great team building not for introverts.

Team from Department of Corrections – Staff Hui in Upper Hutt

Thoroughly enjoyed it.  What began as ‘false’ laughter soon became ‘real’ laughter which became contagious amongst our group – Jared.

Amazing experience.

I liked the laughter box and letting go!! 🙂 I enjoyed sitting, moving and sharing laughter – Jo.

I had reservations before/as the session started, but my teacher was excellent and eased us into the activities. Highly recommend it.

PACT Group – Lower Hutt

Fun, Fabulous, Endearing, Engaging – Tina.

A fun light session to ease stress & re-balance yourself – Tracy.

Clare helped me to relax and come out of my comfort zone. Great teacher. Fun experience – Leeannah.

Clare you were so warm & inviting my ego had no room to not leap in boots & all!! – Vania.

Vitae Head Office – Wellington

Very interesting & therapeutic. Backed up by evidence. Excellent experience – from David.

Thank you. A lot of fun!

Tu Ora Compass Health – Porirua

It was a fantastic session. I felt awkward but let go of that and had a wonderfully fun time. I’m glad I gave it a try!

It was fun to try.

Great session and fun.

Thank you – it was a very refreshing session.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session and would recommend to others. I could see how it would be beneficial and even went home and demonstrated to my teenage son and hubby.

Thanks for the fun!

Really enjoyed the short introduction to Laughter Yoga – thanks!

It was fun on the day.

GNS Conference – Lower Hutt

Lots of discusson and feedback about the session from staff.  This morning one person said to me that while she found the session a little bit out of her comfort zone, when she got home she reflected and realised she was feeling very relaxed.  Another sent the wellbeing team an email to say that she found it really neat and that the lack of laughter in offices is a thing she struggles with, so really appreciated it.

QEII National Trust – Wellington

I came to laughter yoga out of curiosity and I just loved it from the start. I’m laughing way more and at things I didn’t laugh at before.  It’s not only a nice time at the session with the people and activities, but it actually works to bring more laughtre in your life and I think that is pricesless.

Sandra – Laughter Yoga Upper Hutt

I came to laughter yoga because I wanted to freely laugh without any judgement, to have fun again and nurture my inner child.  From a rough time beforehand I have found myself and am now at peace with who I am and Laughter Yoga helps to maintain that.  I enjoy it so much and it feels good to laugh, be in the moment and to fully be me.

Laughter Yoga Upper Hutt

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